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Welcome to my Web site! Here you can find a little bit about me and about the work that I do.

The Latest:

I have been toiling away at a second novel, Perfect Prophet, which is complete but is in the editing/beta reader stage of the progression. I have posted the entire first chapter on my blog page, so please check it out and tell me if it would be something you would want to read. The TV series idea The Chain has taken a temporary back seat in project focus, but I hope to begin working on that again soon.

My novel The Schoharie is still available in both book and Ebook format at your favorite online book retailers. Check out what The Schoharie is about on my scripts page, or at Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble or BookBaby.

If movies are your thing, you can still check out the list of fourteen features, shorts, specs and pilots that have earned me competition merit at

So, that's the news! Good luck to everyone, and writers? Keep writing!

Check out www.winningscripts.com for a list of my competition winning script excerpts

Shriekfest is a fantastic annual festival that is run by Denise Gossett, who has dedicated 16 years to showcasing up and coming talent in the independent horror genre. Please check it out if you are a fan of any style of horror.

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